Who am I?

Work samples:

Video | Convergence Packages | Writing


Convergence journalism student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism

convergence journalism teaches students how to produce news in a more impacting way with “converged” media–two or more mediums used together to create a stronger story. The program also focuses on training students to use, produce news and be involved with emerging media platforms, such as tablet apps and social media.


The Missouri School of Journalism is famous for it’s ‘Missouri Method’ style of teaching through real-world journalism exposure. It’s given me the chance to cut my teeth as a reporter in actual newsrooms, with real deadlines and high stakes. I’ve worked as a general assignment reporter for the Missourian, and KBIA. I’ve shot video for Vox Magazine. In my convergence reporting class I’ve had the opportunity to work on multimedia packages requiring weeks of in depth, investigative reporting.These experiences have taught me both the technical skills and work ethic required of a modern, multimedia journalist.

Outside of the Missouri School of Journalism, I’ve worked as a writing intern for the MU News Bureau since January 2017. While my classes help me in honing my production skills, my job has been a major asset for my writing.

While I like being able to switch between mediums, I have the most experience in video production. I’m a staff member of the MU Film Crew, as well as a film production minor. With Film Crew I have worked as a videographer, editor, director and photographer on hired livestream events, highlight videos, commercials and documentary style videos.