Girls on the Run


I produced this video during my one and only day shift at the Missourian. This is still the only work I’ve done for a daily newspaper. I’m actually pretty proud of how it turned out. I’d heard a lot of horror stories about multimedia reporters at the Missourian creating countless videos that never get published. Fortunately, my experience turned out differently. The editors were very excited about the footage I brought back, and wanted to get it published as soon as I could edit something together. I’d been so nervous the morning of. As soon as I arrived the editor on duty sent me out to film a race that had already started. I grabbed my equipment, jumped in my car and drove as fast as I could to the finish line. It gave me confidence to see three other reporters already there with their cameras set up.  I attached my own camera to the tripod, plugged in the beachtek and microphone (thankfully the school now uses Rode mics instead) and started shooting from as many angles as I could. The first few runners were just starting to cross the finish line. I quickly noticed that the few other reporters with cameras were only shooting from a few particular angles, mostly pointed at the finish line. I wanted to be different, so I picked up my camera and tripod and moved around, a lot. I also tried to get more diverse interview subjects. I talked to tons of children (unfortunately a mic error kept me from including any). But the most valuable interview was definitely with the mother that I did include in the final video. She was truly passionate about the Girls on the Run program, and was genuinely excited to talk to me about it. This showed me that even on a simple story about a girls 5k, you will find people who are passionate to speak about it.