NEWS STYLE: Pagan Pride Day

Every September in Columbia, the witches gather, as do the wiccans, the druids, the magpies and more. They all come together for Pagan Pride Day, a Mid-Missouri tradition since 2000. This year’s celebration was held Sunday, September 17 in Peace Park.

NEWS STYLE: Aces and Aros

MC Cross and Sarah Kimbrel discuss their experiences as asexual and aromantic. 


 The Tempest! is a creative short that was made with footage shot on the day of a major storm that hit most of the U.S. on March 6, 2017.

SHORT FILM: Stalked: A Horror Short

 Stalked is a horror short that I edited and helped shoot. It’s meant to be an eerie slow build and is best experienced when listening with headphones.

VISUAL MONTAGE: 1018 South College Avenue: An Apartment Tribute

My sophomore year of college I lived in a Quonset hut which I absolutely adored. I loved the aesthetic of it and always felt inspired there. This is a compilation video of some shots I took around and inside it.

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