I’m glad you’re here.

Who am I?

The basics: I’m a writer, film lover and dog owner born and raised in Minnesota, currently based in mid-Missouri. I’m looking forward to moving out to New York as soon as possible! I’m studying journalism at the University of

Missouri and pursing minors in film studies and production, along with a multicultural certificate.

I work as a writing intern for the MU News Bureau, which is essentially the public relations department of the University of Missouri. We create press releases for any new research going on and send them out to major publications. We handle questions from reporters, either for or about the university. However, our most important job is keeping track of how the university is portrayed in the media. I love my job, it puts me right at the heart of all the big news at the University of Missouri.

I’ve shot, edited and written numerous TV style short news pieces, and I’m currently working on a short film. When it comes to video production, my favorite part and my biggest strength is editing. I’m well-versed in both Final Cut and Adobe Premiere.

In terms of writing I specialize in AP style, and news and strategic communwhite houseications writing, like press releases. Outside of professional writing, I’ve always loved poetry, fiction and especially creative non-fiction. I believe very strongly in the value of keeping a journal and you’ll never see me without one.

Some things I love:

  • Traveling
  • Chocolate
  • Anything written by David Foster Wallace
  • Australia (can I still call it my favorite country if I’ve never been)
  • Yoga
  • Fruit (by far my favorite food group)

Welcome to my website. I encourage you to look around, explore, get comfortable. I have a feeling we could be great friends.

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